General Program
of the XIX International Scientific Conference on New Technologies and Achievements in Metallurgy,
Material Engineering, Production Engineering and Physics

Thursday, the 7th of June, 2018

8.00 Registration of participants
8.45 Opening of the Conference
9:00 Plenary session I (invited speakers) - Chairman prof. Wysłocki + prof. P. Pawlik
10:45 Cofee break
11.15 Thematic session | Physics session I AMF Chairman prof. Olszewski + prof. K. Dziliński | Metallurgy and Engineering session I - Chairman prof. Golański + dr hab. G. Stradomski
13.30 Lunch
14.30 Thematic session - Physics session II | Chairman prof. J. Świerczek + dr K. Pawlik
16.30 Poster session
19.00 Banquet (Allegro Ristorante ul. Czartoryskiego 17, Częstochowa)

Friday, the 8th of June, 2018

9.00 Plenary session II (Invited speakers) Chairman prof. R. Sczęśniak + prof. Krzysztof Chwastek
10.15 Short break
10.30 Thematic session | Metallurgy and Engineering session II Chairman prof. G. Pawłowska + prof. J. Gęga
12.00 End of scientific part of conference
12.10 Cofee break
12.30 Celebration of the Metallurgist’s Day
            Presentation of the Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology
            Guests’ appearances
            Presentation of the co-operating industrial Companies
            Promotion of the achievements of the academic staff of the Faculty
14.30 Lunch

Please prepare presentations for maximally 10 min

Day 1.
Plenary session I. - AMF

prof. Victorino Franco - Magnetocaloric materials and magnetic refrigeration: an overview
dr Jozef Kovac - Testing and comparison of models for fitting of magnetic hysteresis loops
dr Jia Yan Law - A new quantitative criterion using magnetocaloric studies to identify the order of thermomagnetic phase transitions

Day 2.
Plenary session II. - AMF

prof. Wiesław Leoński - Generation of squeezed states in a system of nonlinear quantum oscillator as an indicator of the quantum-chaotic dynamics
dr Przemysław Tarasewicz - The three and the four-electron interactions in the Penson-Kolb-Hubbard model
dr Dear Dr. Tomas Samuely - Boron doped nanodiamond - a material with unconventional superconducting and ferromagnetic properties
dr Adriana Zelenakova - Fine magnetic nanoparticles for refrigeration and theranostics

Day 1.
Physics session I - AMF

1. M. Hasiak "Microstructure and magnetic properties of NANOPERM-type soft magnetic material"
2. A. Durajski "Electronic, vibrational and superconducting properties of hydrogenated chlorine"
3. J. Kalaga "The generation of squeezed states in a system of nonlinear quantum oscillator - chaotic and regular dynamics"
4. K. Chwastek "The Harrison model as a tool to study phase transitions in magnetocaloric materials"
5. M. Jarosik "Dynamics and stability of hydrogen molecule under external extrusion"
6. P. Niegodajew "The acustically driven gas burner flame quenching"
7. M. Kądziołka-Gaweł "Mössbauer spectroscopy study in characterization of steel production dusts"
8. A. Łaszcz "Structural, magnetic and mechanical properties of dual-phase Ni50Mn25Ga20Gd5 magnetic shape memory alloy"
9. E. Drzazga "Non-parametric application of Tsallis statistics to the selected quantum dot system"
10. K. Chwastek "Evaluation of stress in drawn wires from magnetic measurements in the saturation region"

Physics session II - AMF

1. B. Jeż "The influence of structure defects on magnetization process of bulk amorphous Fe61+xCo10-xY8W1B20 (x=0,1,2) alloys"
2. M. Sroga "The effect of twilight myopia based on modified Gulldstrand eye model"
3. K. Szewczyk "The thermodynamic critical field and specific heat for black phosphorene superconductor under strain"
4. R. Matusiak "Simulation of corneal thickness effect on the intraocular pressure"
5. K. Skoczylas "London penetration depth study of Nb2InC nanolaminate"
6. M. Gacek "The effectiveness of the application of eye protection against harmful blue radiation in modern mobile devices"
7. M. Pruba "The influence of storage conditions and phase structure on the heating efficiency of iron-oxide nanoparticles"
8. K. Kosk-Joniec - "Properties of the high pressure state of superconducting compound PbH4(H2)2 determined under the formalism of strong coupling electron-phonon"
9. K. Kotynia "Microstructure and glass forming ability of Gd-Zr-W-Fe-Co-Mo-B alloy ribbons"
10. R. Sobota "Thermoluminescence phenomenon of stoneware insulators used in power networks"

Day 1.
Metallurgy and Engineering session I - M3

1. J. Konieczny "Different steel-to-aluminum joint structure made in laser welding technology”
2. A. Gryc "Influence of ternary alloying elements (Ca, Mn, Zn ) on microstructure of cast Mg-Bi alloys”
3. P. Poletskov "Development of production technology for nanostructured ultra cold-resistance steel plates”
4. T. Bucki "The effect of Zn interlayer on microstructure of bonding zone in Mg alloy (AZ31) – Al alloy (6060) joint produced by compound casting”
5. A. Wojtkowiak "Stiffness analysis of a welded joint made of 16Mo3 and X5CrNi18-10 steel in determining elastic moduli by forced vibration”
6. M. Bramowicz "Analysis of structure and mechanical properties of a dissimilar welded joint made of 16Mo3 and X5CrNi18-10 steel”
7. P. Shvets "The features of the bainite matrix components formation in economy alloyed chromium - manganese alloys”
8. S. Sheyko "The research thermoplastic deformation modes of dual-phase alloys”
9. A. Volokitin "Change in steel microstructure in the process "pressing-drawing"

Day 2.
Metallurgy and Engineering session II - M3

1. S. Lezhnev "Modelling of multicycle deformation in a combined process ‘rolling – equal channel angular pressing’ with various rolls”
2. K. Belokon "Development of scientific and technical decisions for increasing environmental safety of cleaning processes from carbon-containing components of gas emissions”
3. S. Yevgen "Improvement of the technological process of continuous casting of the round billet”
4. O. Yeromin "Improvement of thermal work of the glass-melting furnace”
5. I. Mazur "The mathematical model of the thermal state of the metal in the hot rolling mill”
6. N. Valko "Sructure and properties of composite Ni/SiO2 electrodeposited in the X-rays”
7. Y. Bobarikin "The effect of the mandrel speed on the value of the wear of the mandrel contact surface during the continuous elongating process of tubes”
8. G. Wójcik "Mechanical durability of steel edges subjected tonitrification”